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As the people of Gaza are facing a genocide planned and orchestrated by Israel, the US and its European allies are complicit.  US bombs from US planes and artillery are killing the people of Gaza who have no way to avoid the horror.  They are being forced to stay in Gaza as death comes out of the sky.  It is a war crime to not allow civilians out of a conflict zone.  It is a war crime to starve civilians to death, deny them water, electricity, and fuel.  It is a war crime to bomb refugee camps, mosques, and hospital.  These are crimes against humanity.  Netanyahu is a war criminal but so is Biden.

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UNAC supports these important actions:
National week of action, January 1 – 7, Stand with Palestine
March on Washington for Gaza, Saturday, January 13th, 1 PM

Though it is impossible to keep up with all that is happening, Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network has been publishing a world-wide calendar of actions in support of Palestine.  That calendar can be found here.
To add your Palestine events to Samidoun's list, send it here: samidoun@samidoun.net.

Stop the bombing of Gaza!
End all US aid to Israel!
Open up the borders and end the Siege!
Free Palestine!

Save the Date

UNAC Conference

Decolonization and the fight against Imperialism

 A conference for the entire movement

Saint Paul, MN, USA,  April 5-7, 2024

Alex Saab is Free

Alex Saab has been freed from US captivity.  The diplomat had been imprisoned for trying to bring humanitarian supplies to Venezuela in legal international trade but in circumvention of Washington’s illegal economic coercive measures, also known as sanctions.

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How the Campaign to Free Venezuelan Political Prisoner Alex Saab Succeeded

By Roger Harris

Negotiated prisoner exchange

In a prisoner exchange, Venezuela released ten US citizens and some other nationals to free Alex Saab after his over three years of imprisonment.

Saab’s plane landed in Venezuela on December 20. He was tearfully greeted by his family, friends, and Venezuela’s primera combatiente Cilia Flores, wife of the president. Shortly after, President Nicolás Maduro made a triumphal public address with Alex Saab at his side at the presidential palace. [read more]


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