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UNAC Condemns the US/UK bombing of Yemen


The recent attacks on Yemen by the United States and Britain are simply another intervention on the part of these two imperialist countries in support of Israelís genocide in Gaza.  The US and Britain could stop the genocide simply by demanding that Israel end the killing and by withdrawing their military and financial support for Israel.  But Palestinian lives are less important to the US and the UK than making sure shipping can continue through the Suez Canal unimpeded with no loss of profit. Commerce and profit are put before people - again. 


A large crowd of people

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Massive protest in Yemen against US-UK bombing


To be clear, the bombing of Yemen did not start in reaction to the attempts by Ansar Allah (the Houthis) to aid the Palestinians by stopping ships headed to Israel, it has been going on for years.  The US and the UK have attacked Yemen since 2014 through their proxy - Saudi Arabia.  It was US bombs from US planes that the Saudis dropped on Yemen. The US provided logistical support and helped block the ports causing hunger among the Yemeni population.  Of course, this war crime, starvation of the civilian population, is the same as that being used by Israel as it tries to starve the people of Gaza.    


The war against Yemen waged by the US through their proxy, the Saudi-led coalition was ended when China helped negotiate a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which led to the ending of the war in Yemen, against the wishes of the US and the UK.  


The attacks on Yemen are a step in the direction of spreading the US/Israeli war against the Palestinians to the entire region. A regional war could aid Israel, which is finding a stiffer resistance in Gaza than they anticipated and whose genocidal policies have been exposed to the world as never before.  A regional war that may involve the US would take a lot of heat off of Netanyahu, and some of the focus away from the genocide.  More war seems to be the strategy of the US everywhere. 


UNAC demands: 


               Stop the bombing of Yemen! 


               End all aid to Israel! 


               Free Palestine!