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Back to the Streets! Say no to Washington’s War!

First nationwide response - More than 70 events planned during the week of antiwar actions Oct. 15 - 23

 In a new political development in the U.S. the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) has called for antiwar actions during the week of October 15 – 23 to oppose the global aggressions and continuing sanctions by the US.

 The national response is surprisingly strong. More than 70 antiwar events are being planned.

The main slogans of the nationwide actions are:

Stop Washington’s war moves toward Russia and China!

Stop endless wars: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Yemen, everywhere!

We need funds for jobs, schools, housing and healthcare! Not for NATO, racism and war! 

The coalition organizers explain their motivation for the October 15 to 23 dates.”This election period, the question of war and peace is not being discussed.  This despite the fact that we are closer to nuclear war than at anytime since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Billions for war has to be on our agenda.

 The US and its NATO allies have initiated provocative actions against China, such as Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which is bringing us closer to another war with another major nuclear power. The war in Ukraine could have been avoided simply by saying that Ukraine would remain neutral and not become part of NATO.  But instead the US orchestrated a coup in Ukraine that brought neo-Nazis into the government and the military ,,and expanded NATO right up to the Russian border with its “war games” and nuclear capable missiles.

The sanctions imposed on Russia have backfired bringing inflation and recession to the US and its European allies.

It is time now to stop the madness and bring these wars and provocations to an end.

 For a list of actions, click here: https://unac.notowar.net/back-to-the-streets-october-15-23/