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NATO, Zionism and Imperialism


In early July, NATO will be coming to Washington, DC for a summit meeting and to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The antiwar movement will meet them with counter summits, meetings and protests. This year, our protest of NATO takes on an added importance because of the Genocide it is supporting in Palestine. Support of the Israeli colonial-settler state and its genocidal policies is not new for NATO. In a statement on the NATO website called, “NATO and Israel reaffirm strong partnership,” NATO lauded their “mutually beneficial partnership.” Afterall, it was the European and North American colonial powers that created the entity called Israel in the first place and have supported it ever since with military, financial and political aid. Today, we can see how this is helping Israel in their genocide against the Palestinian people. It is US and NATO weapons and money that are being used by Israel to kill the Palestinian people.

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It is the white supremacist, colonial powers that make up NATO which colonized the world and murdering millions of indigenous people from North and South America, to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Today, these same powers, all part of NATO, keep the Global South underdeveloped, drained of its own resources and wealth through the use of usurious loans backed up by the US and NATO’s military and war.

But NATO, Zionism and Imperialism are not doing well. They have shown their weakness, and people throughout the world see what they are really about as they watch the unfolding war crimes and genocide that they support in Gaza and in Palestine. Unlike in past imperialist wars and genocides, today people around the world are viewing this one in real-time on the screens they carry in their pockets. This has led to an upsurge as millions of people have poured into the streets around the world. Here in the United States, students have occupied their campuses demanding that they divest from Israel and stop supporting Zionism. The campus protests have captured the imagination of people around the world and have led to students in other countries copying their powerful protests on their own campuses. As the universities close for the summer, NATO’s summit in Washington, DC to celebrate their horrible history, will gave us another chance for students and others to let them know what we think and to assure them that we are not going away till Zionism and Imperialism are ended.


The other important area of the world where NATO is being exposed, confronted, and defeated is in Ukraine. The US and their NATO allies thought they could destroy Russia with sanctions and military pressure causing an upsurge among the Russian people allowing the US and NATO to move into the country, break it up and dominate it (see here and here). In this way they hoped to control its vast resources and further surround and isolate China as the Chinese economy sores and challenges that of the US. For a full discussion of how this happened, click here for a UNAC report that details how NATO expanded and steps they took create a coup in Ukraine and pressure Russia.

The US/NATO policy of crippling Russia did not work and today it is the Western Imperialist countries that are being most hurt by the sanctions and are losing the war in Ukraine exposing US and NATO weaknesses, politically, economically, and especially in their industrial capacity and military might. This has led to countries, especially those in the Global South, who have been oppressed for centuries by Western imperialism to take heart, join new alliances, and confront the NATO and Western imperialist countries.

NATO, Zionism and Imperialism, the evils that have held back humanity are being weakened and challenged as never before in our lifetime. This is the reality we need to understand as we take to the streets and meeting halls and challenge NATO at its 75th anniversary celebration in Washington, DC on July 6-7. Join us!