Demonstrations took place around the world in solidarity with our anti-NATO and G8 actions in Chicago.  Below is information about some of these actions.




A report on the London demonstration can be found here:


Click here for a joint statement between UNAC and the British Stop the War Coalition:




A solidarity statement was sent to the Chicago rally from SYRIZA a left coalition that has gained huge support during the recent fight against austerity measures being imposed on working people in Greece.  The statement can be found here:




Tens of thousands marched in Iran in solidarity with our demonstration in Chicago.  See picture below:







Demonstrations and rallies protesting against the NATO Summit in Chicago on May 20-21 and the concurrent G-8 summit were held in different cities of India on May 19 voicing solidarity of the people of India with the anti-imperialist fighters all over the world who are protesting on these issues in different countries.  Below is a picture of the demonstration in one Indian city.



Italians demonstrated and held a sit-in.