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UNAC condemns the calls for armed intervention in Haiti

The possibility of another armed intervention in Haiti has come one step closer as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has caved into US pressure and voted to support a US military attack on the country.

Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in early July, the CARICOM conference has switched from opposition to such an intervention to supporting it.  At the meeting, attended by Antony Blinken and a bipartisan US Congressional delegation, CARICOM called for the creation of a “Humanitarian and Security Corridor” in Haiti.  On the following day the head of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) issued a call for a “robust international force” to be sent to Haiti.  BINUH along with the so called “Core Group” (Which includes the US, France. Canada, the EU and others) have been an occupying force in Haiti since 2004.  This occupying force has been responsible for the suppression of Haiti’s independence and sovereignty and have helped create a vacuum of leadership that has resulted in an acute crisis in the country.

The intervention is being justified as humanitarian and according to US officials it is to protect the Haitian people from gang violence.  What Haiti needs is not military intervention but, according to a statement by the Black Alliance for Peace the disbanding of the Core Group and “for an arms embargo against the Haitian and U.S. elites who import guns into the country, for the end of support for Haiti’s installed puppet government, and for (an end to) the deep financial crises placed on the people by the IMF-led move to remove fuel subsidies.” The people of Haiti need hospitals and schools and asylum for the refugees coming to the US and other countries, not a military intervention. 

Foreign interference in Haiti’s affairs and the theft of its resources continues. France and the US stole its assets over many decades, and the US, France and others occupied Haite many times in the past. 

UNAC calls for:

  No intervention in Haiti!

  End the Occupation!

  Let Haitians Decide!