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Final Resolution from the UNAC Conference



Free Palestine! End U.S.-backed Israeli Zionist Genocide!


At UNAC’s founding conference, we adopted the demand “End All U.S. Aid to Apartheid Israel: Military, Economic and Diplomatic.” UNAC thus became the first U.S. national antiwar coalition to take such a position. Today, this opposition to Israeli Apartheid is front and center in US and world politics.


From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!” expresses the mass worldwide sentiment for Palestinian freedom.


UNAC unequivocally unites with the people of Palestine.  UNAC supports their right to resist Zionist oppression.


UNAC’s Proposed Actions


UNAC will continue to build and support the mass movement in defense of Palestine and demand an end to all U.S. aid to Zionist, apartheid Israel.


In unity we encourage:

- Support May 1 / May Day local actions as a Workers Day to Defend Palestinian Resistance. Include Defend Palestine among all other workers demands on this day.

- Support actions against the NATO 75th Anniversary Summit - July 6 & 7 in Washington DC.

- Support national protests at RNC Convention - Milwaukee July 15 to 18. 

- Support national protests at DNC Convention - Chicago Aug 19 to 22. 

- Support the actions being organized in opposition the RIMPAC


- UNAC reaffirms the ongoing work of building a massive, independent, democratic, united front-oriented movement aimed at engaging the U.S. majority in challenging the war-makers on every front.


UNAC stands categorically opposed to all U.S. wars – secret wars, “Special Operation Wars,” drone wars, assassination wars, sanction wars, blockade/embargo wars and US-engineered military coups.


- Abolish the U.S. annual $trillion war and military-related budgets.

- Use the $Billions and $Trillions for Healthcare, Education, Social Services, Quality Jobs at Union Wages and for a Safe, Clean, Sustainable Fossil Fuel Free Energy System!

- Close all U.S. foreign military bases.

- Eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide starting with the U.S.’s leading arsenal.

- Bring All the Troops Home Now! Abolish NATO. Abolish AFRICOM (US African Command)!

- No to NATO’s proxy war and Biden’s $80 billion military aid to Ukraine! No to Ukraine’s joining NATO!

- No to U.S. interventions in Niger, Zimbabwe, Somalia!  End AFRICOM!

- End U.S. threat to China! U.S. Out of Asia and the Pacific!

- End U.S.- orchestrated military coups and interventions globally, from Bolivia to Honduras to Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and more.

- End the blockade of Cuba.

- Support the fight for independence of the people of West Sahara led by the Frente POLISARIO

- No War, No Warming!  Fight climate change not war!



No Human Being is Illegal!


The net result of U.S. imperialism’s military, racist and environmentally destructive policies is the ongoing devastation of the world’s poor and oppressed people and nations, Millions are forced to leave their devastated homelands in search of a better life elsewhere.


- Open the Borders!

- End All Deportations!


Rising Attacks on Civil and Democratic Rights


Today’s wars abroad are increasingly accompanied by attacks on civil and democratic rights at home, with corporate media monopolies employed to restrict, if not eliminate constitutionally protected rights to a free press, free speech and free assembly. Mumia Abu-Jamal to Leonard Peltier, Omali Yeshitela, to Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Simón Trinidad and hundreds of Black, Latino and Indigenous and Muslim prisoners are held for decades behind prison walls.


- Free All Political Prisoners!

- No to Government Censorship, Spying and Political Persecution!

- Hands off Free Speech and First Amendment Rights!


Stop Racist Wars at Home and Abroad!


U.S. imperialism’s systematic wars around the world are matched by U.S. systemic racism and police murder at home. The U.S. imprisons the largest number and percentage of its population of any nation on earth. Police departments are increasingly militarized – armed with the same modern weapons of war that the U.S. employs the world over.


- Zero Funds for Institutionalized Racist Cop Murder!

- Defend the Right of the Oppressed to Control Their Communities!




The progressive and workers movement in the US has been divided and weakened. UNAC, as a coalition of progressive, antiwar, and anti-imperialist forces, calls for unity, especially in action against the war-makers.