International Panel Discussion

National Dialogue. The Right of Peoples to Self-determination

and Building a Multipolar World


Moscow. December 13, 2014

The world is changing. And, unfortunately, it is changing for the worse. The worsening geopolitical situation calls on us to support the nations and peoples who oppose the dictate a unipolar world and seek to propose an alternative agenda. Progressive part of mankind stands for the development of international cooperation and solidarity, respectful of other peoples, their sovereignty, values and lifestyles as opposed to the current destructive manifestations of the "new world order": the barbaric exploitation of the majority of the world population, the destruction of national sovereignty and spiritual foundations of society, suppression of sovereignty of personality through the illegal collection of information.


Organizations participating in the international panel discussion urge people worldwide to unite and establish a united front against discrimination, violation of human rights, religious and racial intolerance. We condemn the crimes and murders perpetrated against the people of Novorossia. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the innocent victims in Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk. We strongly condemn political repression, particularly in countries that have positioned themselves as democratic nations.


The interference in the affairs of sovereign states, the sponsorship and support of extremist and terrorist entities are unacceptable in the XXI century. Events in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine demonstrate the predatory foreign policy of the US and its NATO allies. Local conflicts have affected more people than those affected during the World War II. The UN no longer performs their role as peacekeepers, as more than 70 armed conflicts have taken place since the establishment of the organization.


The US government has a depressing statistics in the field of human rights. The latest example of political repressions is Rasmia Odah, an activist of the Palestinian community of Chicago, who is a political prisoner now. The US Department of Justice has sent her to the tribunal because her migration card had no information about the fact that in 1969 she was imprisoned in Israel by the Israeli military court based on the information extracted under torture. As part of the support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the US government supports the Israeli occupation and military courts. Rasmiaís torture was part of a series of repressions against pro-Palestinian movement in the United States. We demand to release Rasmia Oda and put an end to the US support for the occupation of Palestine!



African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities are oppressed in the US. We condemn the systematic killings by the police in the USA!



We condemn the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York City and many others!



We support the protests in the US cities as part of their struggle for freedom from police brutality, against mass defiance of human rights by the police, and call for the release of political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal!



We call upon the people of the United States to take activities of the police under their control and demand investigation into the atrocities committed by the police officers!



The time of retreat has passed! Itís time for advancing! This Declaration is the first step towards the consolidation of the progressive part of mankind! We will make every effort to build a multi-polar world! We are the alternative!