Proposed action proposal for the UNAC conference



There are a number of actions that have been discussed during our conference and that UNAC groups have been working on. These are outlined in the proposed action proposal to be adopted by our conference for UNAC to work on in the coming period

1.    After the conference we will protest at to keep ICE off of the Greyhound buses

2.    We will build the Sanctions Kill actions on March 13 – 15

3.    We will support and build actions in support of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning and if the government retries the Venezuelan Embassy Protectors, we will continue to build their defence campaign

4.    We will support May Day/Weed actions, and actions on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, and other actions by the climate change movement

5.    We will support and build the actions at the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

6.    We will support the actions being organized by our Ukrainian and European supporters on May 9, the day that fascism was defeated during WWII and to fight the rise of fascism and white supremacy in the US and in other countries.

7.    The US military is the worlds’ biggest polluter. We will push against the Pentagons’ blanket exemptions from all international climate agreements.

8.    We will spread awareness amongst all climate emergency organisations to highlight the role of the US military as a climate threat multiplier.

9.    We will support the candidate pledge adopted by the Black Alliance for Peace

10.                       We will support the anti-imperialist conference in Cyprus being organized by the World Peace Council

11.                       We will support the campaign organized by BAYAN to end US support to the Philippines.

12.                       Support the action being organized for Farm Workers in Union Sq.

13.                       Support the actions being organized on March 29 in support of Palestinian Land Day

14.                       UNAC will organize a youth conference within the next 24 months. 

15.                       Support nuclear abolition treaties such as HR 2419, which call upon the US congress to ratify treaties for the prohibition of nuclear weapons.