United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

2017 Conference Action Plan

(adopted unanimously at the UNAC conference in Richmond, VA)

1. UNAC reaffirms its commitment to the organization of independent, mass action, united front mobilizations against all U.S. wars at home and abroad. Unity in action against the endless imperialist wars for power and profit is inseparable from the same necessary unity at home against the inherent racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-working policies generated by a society ruled by the one percent. To this end, UNAC will seek the collaboration of all organizations challenging oppression in all its manifestations with the objective of planning regional and/or national mobilizations to bring the power of the people into the streets.  UNAC is committed to providing a platform for unity and dynamic collaboration in a broad-based struggle against imperialism in all its domestic and international expressions.

2. UNAC will organize a national focus of international and/or nationally prominent speakers to promote the above mobilization in a variety of contexts including conferences, rallies, internet forums and national tours.

3. UNAC will deepen the commitment to solidarity by further efforts to find common cause with the victims of imperialist war and plunder as we have done in regard to our work with the Odessa Solidarity Campaign, in solidarity with the anti-NATO movements in Europe, the Hands Off Syria Coalition and in solidarity with the campaign against U.S. military bases around the world initiated by the U.S. Peace Council.

4. UNAC will continue its vital and unifying policy of supporting, building and/or endorsing the actions and events of other groups sharing our common objectives of fighting the wars at home and abroad. Only a movement independent of the twin parties of war, racism, and oppression can successfully win peace and justice for all.

5. UNAC will expand our Coordinating Committee and Administrative Committee to reflect the ever expanding forces that challenge the policies of government-promoted wars against working people at home and abroad; the inclusion of leading fighters in the black and brown freedom struggles, in the fights for women's equality, in the fight against the police state and mass incarceration, in the fight for LGBTQI equality, in the fight for recognition of oppressed peoples, in the fight for the right to self-determination of peoples and nations, in the fight against land theft, in the fight against gentrification and displacement of local populations, in the fight of youth for a future that includes quality education and living wage jobs, in the fight for union rights and the Fight for $15, in the fight for decent housing, in the fight for single payer healthcare, in the fight for access and accommodation for people with disabilities, in the fight for a clean planet and water, in the fight for renewable energy, in the fight for reparations for descendants of slavery and colonial take over, and all others that raise the quality of life.  All of these issues are essential to UNAC’s future.

 6. UNAC’s broad program includes the integration of the key social issues of our time – impending climate catastrophe, nuclear war, imperialist wars, poverty, racism, sexism, repression and the robbery of the ruling rich.

At home, we must oppose pipeline construction/poisoning of water supplies/ever-deepening encroachments on indigenous land, colonial rule in Puerto Rico, the rise of white supremacist and other fascist organizations, massive assaults on civil liberties, attacks on Muslim communities, attacks on immigrants, outlawing BDS campaigns, police state surveillance, the privatization and/or slashing of healthcare and public education and other vital social services which must be regarded as human rights along with respect for every person.

Abroad, we must end new threats of sanctions, embargoes/blockades leading to famine and epidemics of treatable diseases, poverty and violence caused by imperialist wars and domination. We call for ending the U.S. wars and proxy wars against Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Iran, the DPRK (North Korea), Cuba and Haiti, Venezuela and Colombia, Libya, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Nigeria, Congo, Papua New Guinea, Russia and China, and all the countries of the world targeted by US aggression; drone wars, sanction wars, “no-fly zone” wars, cyber wars, proxy wars, and U.S. counter-insurgencies.  We demand ending the special ops wars and closing over 800 U.S. bases.  We say no nuclear weapons defund the military machine and end arms sales to Israel, Saudi Arabia and other military operations around the globe. All refugees of U.S. wars and plunder should be eligible for asylum and receive social services while reparations are offered to their home countries for the purpose of rebuilding.