January 11th 2007


To the Muslim Solidarity Committee;


There is not enough words nor is there a word in any dictionary that I may offer to this Committee other than thank you. My heart truly appreciates all that you have done for my family and myself. This Committee has shown outstanding support and has overwhelmed us with its contribution. You have shown the world the meaning this word :Humanity" at a time when I thought I was facing and fighting an enormous battle all alone. I clearly see that I am not alone nor is my family. And for this I may always give you thanks. "THANK YOU".


I have come a long way in life, making a dream come true. When I came from Bangladesh my heart was full of joy. "America The land of freedom and hope". God was watching over me. He had blessed me with the most faithful wife, healthy children, a good business, prosperity and many friends. Now I humble myself before you because of your generous support. I came to this country with my broken English and old ways, only to grow into the man I am now. My children will grow to be well rounded Americans and may my dreams keep growing in them. May God bless all of you for all you have done with the help of God. May God bless America and Happy New Year.


Again Thank You.


Mohammad Hossein