April 9th Endorser list

        (List in formation)

* = For Identification only


    UNAC –United National Antiwar Committee

    Center for Constitutional Rights

    Muslim Peace Coalition, USA


    Voices for Creative Nonviolence

    Veterans for Peace

    International Action Center

Pax Christi USA

    Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

    Fellowship of Reconciliation

    Black Agenda Report

Code Pink

American Muslim Association of North America

    National Assembly to End U.S. Wars and Occupations

    World Can’t Wait

    Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Islamic Leadership Council of Metro NY

    Project Salam

    Canadian Peace Alliance

Alliance for Democracy

United States Palestine Community Network (USPCN)

US Peace Council


Students for a Democratic Society – National Working Committee

Al-Awda USA, Palestine Right to Return Coalition

American Muslims for Emergency and Relief

San Francisco Labor Council

    Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

   Office of the Americas

Riverside Church, New York

Committee to Stop FBI Repression

War Resisters League

US Boat to Gaza

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Cynthia McKinney – Former US Congresswoman & 2008 US Green Party Presidential Candidate

Cindy Sheehan

Ann Wright

    Tariq Ali

Joel Kovel

    Dr. Margaret Flowers  PNHP *

Michael Parenti

    Ramsey Clark

Fred Magdoff

Vijay Prashad

Afghans for Peace


Adirondack Democracy

Advocacy and Training Center

AFSCME Local 3800

Aljaned Islamic Center

Ambassador Syed Ahsani, Former Ambassador from Pakistan

Ahmed Shawki, editor, International Socialist Review

Ali Abunimah, Palestinian American Journalist

Alice Sturn Sutter, Washington Heights Women in Black *

Al-Awda NY: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Alliance for Peace and Justice of Western Massachusetts

American Iranian Friendship Committee

American Muslim Task Force, Dallas/Ft. Worth

Ana Edwards, Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project - Richmond, Va.

Anakbayan NJ/NY

Animal Allies of Western New York

Animal Rights Front

Ann Arbor Coalition Against the War

Anthony Arnove, Author, “Iraq: The logic of Withdrawal”

Anti-War Committee (MN)

Andy Griggs, Co-chair, California Teachers  Association, Peace and Justice Caucus/UTLA-retired*

Arom Pieman Kay, Rainbow Affinity Tribe *

Arthur Daniels, United Federation of Teachers *

Artists for Peace

B. Ross Ashley, NDP Socialist Caucus, Canada *

Bail Out the People Movement

Barry Hart, Boston DSA *

Bay Area Afghans for Peace

Bay Area Arab American Union Members Council

Bay Area Ecosocialist Network

Bay Area United Against War Newsletter

Bay Area Women in Black

Barrio Unido, San Francisco

Bashir Abu-Manneh

Baltimore Job Is a Right Campaign

Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council, US Peace Council Chapter

Battered Mother’s Custody Conference


Ben Leeman, New Community Quarterly Association *

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalist, Social Justice Committee

Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

Binghamton SOA Watch

Black Voices for Peace, Pittsburgh

Blanca Misse, Student Worker Action Team/UC Berkeley, Academic Workers for Democratic Union – UAW 2865 *

Blauvelt Dominican sisters Social Justice Ministry

Bloomington Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice

Bob Hernandez, Chapter President, SEIU Local 1021*

Bob Oort, Cut the Politics *

Bonnie Weinstein – Bay Area United Against Wars Newsletter


Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights

Boston UNAC

Boston United for Justice with Peace Coalition

Boston University Anti-War Coalition

Boundary Peace Initiative

Brandywine Peace Community

Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn Islamic Center

Broome County Peace Action

Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition

Burlington National Anarchists

Burlington Students for Justice in Palestine

Burnsville & Eagan Peace Vigils

BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action

Café Intifada – Los Angeles

Californian Green Party

Cambridge Bethlehem  People to People Project

CAMI-Aomite Anti-militarizacion

Comite Anti-militarizacion

Camilo E. Mejia, Iraq war veteran and resister

Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor

Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat

Canadian Action Party

Cape Codders for Peace and Justice

Carl Gentile, National representative, American Federation of Government employees *

Carole Seligman – Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal *

Center for a Livable World

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

CFT Local 1946

Chelsea Neighbors United to End the War (New York)

Chelsea Uniting Against the War (Mass.)

Chelsea Uniendose en Contra de las Guerra

Chesapeake Citizens

Chuck Anderson, ACLU, Orange County Chapter *

Church Ladies for Choice of New York City

Dr. William Calathes, Prof. , New Jersey City University *

Clarity Press, Inc.

Coalition for Peace Action

Coalition for Peace and Justice

Coalition for Palestinian Rights

Conroy’s B&B

Howard Terry Adcock, Colombia Support Network, Austin (TX) , Center for Peace and Justice *

Chuck Truner, Boston City Councilor

Coalition for Justice – Blacksburg, Va.

Codepink Golden Gate Chapter

Colombia Action/CT.

Colombian Front for Socialism (FECOPES)

Coloradans for Peace

Columbus Campaign for Arms Control

Committee for Justice to Defend the Los Angeles 8

Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action

Council of Doukhobors in Canada

Consultor Independiente

Courage to Resist

Cynthia Papermaster, National Accountability Action Network *

Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council

David Swanson, WarIsACrime.org

David Keil – Metro West Peace Action (MWPA) *

David Macko, Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Davis Peace Coalition

Deanie Sparks, Pima County Green Party *

Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality – Virginia

Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Democratic Workers Party (Bangladesh)

Derrick O’Keefe, Co-chair StopWar.ca (Vancouver)

Detroit Committee to Stop FBI/Grand Jury Repression.

Diablo Greens

Diama Recagno, Movimiento De Los 100 Para Seguir Viviendo *

Diane V. McLoughlin, The McLoughlin Post

Doug Bullock, Albany County Legislator

Dr. Andy Coates  PNHP *

DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) – New York

Duane Palmiter Sr., Tioga Peace & Justice *

East End/Grif Boyz/Gangster Disciples (Crankster Gangsters)

Elaine Brower  - national steering committee of World Can’t Wait and anti-war military mom

Emergency Committee to Stop U.S. War in Libya

Feminists Choosing Life of New York

Fernando Fena Torres, La Pena Cultural Center

Fifth WorldClass Freedom

Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)

Filipinas for rights and Empowerment

First Fruits Development Group

Food Not Bombs

Fort Lee Peace Vigil

Fr. Bernard Survil, Pax Christi Greensburg *

Free Palestine Movement

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Freedom Socialist Party

Friends of Human Rights

Yoshie Furuhashi, Editor, MRZine

Garden Gate Blacksmith Shop

Gilbert Achcar – Lebanese academic and writer

Give Peace A Chance Coalition

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report *

Global Peace, Editor: Tim Nolan

Grandmothers Against the War

Grandmothers Keen

Granny Peace Brigade

Granny Peace Brigade, NYC

Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice

Greater New Haven Peace Council

Green Party of the United States

Green Party of New Jersey

Green Party of New York

Green Party of New York City Committee

Green Party UNAC April 9 Contingent

Guilderland Neighbors for Peace

Guyanese American Workers United

Haiti Action Committee

Haiti Liberte

Harlem Fightback Against War at Home & Abroad

Healthy Planet Mobilization Committee

Hands off Venezuela

Hedy Epstein, St. Louis women in Black *

Hilda Meers, Grampian Senior Citizens *

Hillside Islamic Center

Hot Indie News

Houston Peace Council

Howie Hawkins, Co-Chair, Green Party of New York State *

Hudson-Mohawk Independent Media Center

Human Shields in Iraq

Humanist Party NYC Chapter


IBEW 424

IIan Pappe, Director Exeter University, European Centre for Palestine Studies


Impromptu Action

Indymedia-letzebuerg (Luxemburg)

Infogroup International

Interfaith Alliance

International Action Center - Charlotte

International Antiimperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee

International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

International League of Peoples’ Struggle

International Longshore & Warehouse Union ILWU Local 10 Executive Board

International Socialist Organization

International Solidarity Movement – Northern California

International support Haiti Network (ISHN)

Iraq Peace Action Coalition – Minneapolis

Israeli Committee Against House Demolition

Italo-American Progressive Fraternal Society

Jack Hereford, Catholic Worker *

Janata Dal (United), India

Jane Anne Jeffries, Conversation With Connection *

Jennafer Yellowhorse, Making Change Street Paper *

Jersey City Peace Movement

Jim Prentice, Science for Peace *

Jimmy Massey, Founding member of IVAW

Joe Jamison, TWU Local 100 *

John O. Sutter, Pres., Democratic World Federalists *

John Pilger, Journalist and Documentary film maker

John Riccio, Arlington South *

Josh Karpoff, Campus Antiwar Network *

Journal Square Homeless Coalition

Journalists and Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Juliet Buck, F35insouthburlington.blogspot.com *

Justice for Fallujah Project

Justice for Palestinians

Justice for Shifa Committee

Kathy Lipscomb, Senior Action Network *


Karen Schieve, United Educators of San Francisco *

Keith Mchenry, co-founder Food not Bombs *

Kevin Zeese

Kim Nguyen, Metrowest Peace Action (MWPA)*

Dr. Roger Kotela, Earth Federation Movement *

KPFA, Free speech radio

Kwame Binta, The November Coalition

Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, SF Bay Area

Larry Pinkvey, Black Activist Writers Guild


League for a Revolutionary Workers’ Party


Leonard & Ellen Zablow, Union of Concerned Scientists *

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, Abq. NM Chapter

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, silicon Valley Chapter

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, NYC Chapter

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

Leonia Peace Vigil Group

Lillie “Ms. K” Branch-Kennedy – Director, Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (R.I.H.D.), Virginia

Lisa Savage, CODEPINK Maine, Bring Our War $$ Home Coalition *

Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace

Lok Morcha Punjab

Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives

Los AngelesPalestine Labor Solidarity Committee

Luis Vega, Real-Politik

Maggie Zhou – ClimateSOS *

Maine Veterans for Peace

Majority Agenda Project

Malcolm X Center for Self Determination

Malu Aina, Hawaii

Manhattan Libertarian Party

Manhattan Local of the Green Party of New York State

Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Exec. Director,  Companeros del Barrio

March For Justice

Mark Roman, Waterville Area Bridges for Peace & Justice

Marlena Santoyo, Germantown Friends Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Flanagan, United Teachers of Richmond *

Marxism-Leninism Today

Marxist Update

Mary Jane Books

Masjid Al Ikhlas

Masjid As-Salam Mosque, Albany, NY

Mass Global Action

Massachusetts Society of Professors

Mazen Almoukdad, Free Iraq Now *

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Michael Gilfillan, Uranium Free Kootenay Boundry *

Michigan Emergency Committee Against Wars and Injustice

Midcoast Peace and Justice Group

Mid-South Peace and Justice Center

Middle East Children's Alliance

Mike Alewitz, Central Ct. State University *

Mike Malloy Radio Show: Progressive Radio

Middle East Crisis Committee

Military Families Speak Out (Minnesota chapter)

Minnesota Coalition for a Peoples Bailout

Minnesota Cuba Committee


Mobilization Against War and Occupation  - Vancouver, Canada

Mobilization to Free Mumia

Moratorium NOW Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shut-offs


Movimento per la Ocieta di Giustizia

Movimento per la Societa di Giustizia

Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

Muslim Legal Fund of America

Muslim Peacemaker Teams (Najaf, Iraq)

Muslim Solidarity Committee

Muslimah Writers Alliance

Nancy Murray, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights*

Nata - NY

National Benedictines for Peace

National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

National Organization for Women, Albany, NY

National Organization for Women, New York State

National Panther Party of India

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Nancy Parten, Witness For Peace *

Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice

Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council *

New Abolitionist Movement

New Black Panther Party

New England United

New Jersey Labor Against War

New Jersey Youth United Against War and Imperialism

New Socialist Project

New York City Labor Against the War

New York City Liberty Action Group

New York Committee For Human Rights in the Philippines

New York Metro Progressives

New Zealand Peace Council

Neighbors For Peace, PennYan, New York

Neil Parthun, Host, Not Another Sports Show

New Hampshire Peace Action

Nicholas J. Bisaccia, M.S.Ed., PAX CHRISTI *

No More Victims

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

North Carolina Labor Against the War

North Country Peace Group (NCPG)

North Pilly for Peace and Justice

Northampton committee to stop Wars

Northeast Ohio Antiwar Coalition

Northeast Peace and Justice Action Coalition

Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice

Northeastern Students for Justice In Palestine

Northern California Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

Northern Maine Peace and Justice

Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill

Northwest Greens

Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship


Nuestro Norte Es El Sur ((NUNO-SUR) Our North is the South


Oakland Education Association Peace & Justice Caucus

Omar Barghouti, Human rights activist (Palestine)

Ometeotl Ministries

Oscar Grant committee to Stop Police Brutality & State Repression, Oakland, CA.

Our Developing World

Outreach Ministries, 1st Church of Christ, Pittsfield, United Church of Christ

Pacific Green Party

Pais – War Resisters in the Netherlands

Pakistan USA Freedom Forum

Pakistani Trade Union Defense Campaign

Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People

Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (Wi’am)

Palisadians for Peace

Parsa Sorbi, Mardom TV *

Pax Christi Metro New York

Pax Christi Pentagon Area

Pax Christi, Witness Against Torture, MVFR

Peace Action Maine

Peace Action Montgomery

Peace Action New York

Peace Action of Central New York

Peace Action of San Mateo County

Peace Action Wisconsin

Peace and Justice Center, Burlington

Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine

Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County

Peace and Justice for Animals

Peace and Justice Online

Peace and Justice Studies Association

Peacemakers of Schoharie County, New York

Peace and Freedom Party

Peace Club College of Staten Island

Peace Education Center


Peace Now USA

People of Faith, Connecticut

People’s Organization for Progress

Peace Power Press

People’s Organization for Progress

Peace Resource Project

Peninsula Peace & Justice, Blue Hill, Maine

Peninsula Peace and Justice CenterPalo Alto, Ca.

Peoples Video Network

Peter C Hinde, Carmelite Fathers *

Peter Eglin, Wilfrid Laurier University *

Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender

Philadelphia Against War

Pledge of Resistance – Baltimore

Pleasantonians 4 Peace

Private Health Insurance Must Go Coalition

Professor Alice Bach, Case Western Reserve University *

Progressive Coalition of Northern NY

Progressives In Action of Rochester, NY

Progressive Peace Coalition, Columbus Ohio

Prosecute Them Now


Queen Zakia Shabazz – Director, United Parents Against Lead National, Inc.

Queer Liberation Front.us

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, cofounder of the Community of Living Traditions

Radical Party of America

Radical Women

Radio Free Maine

Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Rev. Bruce Wright, Refuge Misistries *

Rev. John Dornheim

Rev. Ralph Moore, Watershed School *

Rev. Susan Karlson, Misister, Unitarian Church of Staten Island *

Revolutionary Legal Front

Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA

Revolutionary Poets Brigade

Revolutionary Workers Group

Rhode Island Mobilization Committee

Phode Island Progressive Democrats

Ricardo Corrales, Consultor Independiente, Costa Rica

Richmond Peace Education Center

Risk Rap

RI People’s Assembly

RI Unemployed Council

Roberta Silver, DC 37 Local 2054 *

Roland Sheppard, Retired Business Agent Painters Local #4, San Francisco *

Rochester Against War

Ron Jacobs, writer

Russia & America Goodwill association

Ruth Balter, Granny Peace Brigade, Philadelphia *

Sacred Circle Hoops

Saladin Muhammad - Founding Member, Black Workers for Justice

Salina People for Peace

San Diego Free Mumia Coalition

San Francisco Green Party

San Francisco Bay Area Code Pink

San Jose Peace and Justice Center

San Luis Obispo Mothers For Peace

Sarah Roche-Mahdi, Code Pink Boston*

Saratoga Peace Alliance

Seeds of Peace, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship

SEIU Local 1021

Senior Action Network

Seth Farber, PhD., Institute of Mind and Behavior *

Sexual Minorities Archives

Sherry Wolf – International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Author Sexuality and Socialism

Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence

Shut Down Indian Point Now

Siege Busters Working Group

Concetta Smart, Pax Christi Seed Planters *

Socialist Action

Socialist Organizer

Socialist Party of CT.

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Viewpoint


Solidarity Committee of the Capital District

Solidarity with Iran

S.O.S. Save Our Schools Coalition

Southwest Colorado Peace and Justice Coalition

Southeastern Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

St. James Peace & Justice, Johnson City, NY

St. Joan of Arc WAMM Peacemakers

St. Louis Instead of War Coalition

St. Pete for Peace

S.T.A.N.D. – Standtogethernow.org

Stanford Grand Left Coalition

Stanford Labor Action Coalition

Stanford Says No to War

Staten Island Council for Peace & Justice

Steve Downs, Chair, Train Operators, Transport Workers Union Local 100 *

Steve Scher, Green Party of NYC 26 AD *

Stewart Robinson, Stop Targeting Ohio Poor *

Stop the F-35 Coalition

Stop the Wars Coalition, Boston

Students for a Democratic Society – University of MN

Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Pittsburgh

Sue Kelly, Sec.-Treas., OPEIU Local 334

Suffolk Peace Network (Long Island)

Suffolk Veteran Sales

Syracuse Peace Council

SWAM Project

Tarak Kauff, Veterans for Peace

Texans for Peace

The Teacher’s Voice

Teamsters Local 808

The Blitz: A Progressive Movement

The Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran

The Origin Foundation, Inc

The Thomas Merton Center Antiwar Committee

Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory (TOPLAB)

Tod Jones, Kent Democratic Town Committee *

Transit Workers Union (TWU) local 100

Troy Area Labor Council


Turkish American Cultural Association – Staten Island

Twin Cities Peace Campaign

UConn Youth for Socialist Action

UFTers To Stop the War

UMF Peace Activists in Training

United Latina en Accion

Upper Hudson Peace Action

US Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome

US Friends of the Soviet People

US Labor for Friendship with Cuba

Utah democratic progressive caucus

Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land

Vancouver Healthcare Now

Vermont Action for Peace

Vermont Veterans for Peace

Veterans Fellowship of Reconciliation

Veterans for Peace #058

Veterans For Peace Chapter 126 sanAnton

Veterans For Peace, Smedley Butler Brigade, Chap 9

Veterans for Peace, Long Island

Virginia Defender

Wage Peace

Walk the Talk Inc.


War Moratorium, SECT

Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice

Washington Peace Center

West County Toxics Coalition

West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice

Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine

Western New York Peace Center, Inc.

WESPAC Foundation

World Constitution and Parliament Assoc

Women against Military Madness

Women Against War

Women in Black, Westchester

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Pittsburgh

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Cruz Branch

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Barbara, CA

World Organization of Peace

Workers Action

Workers International League

Workers Power (US)

Workers World Party

Youth for International Socialism


Zeljdo Cipris, University of the Pacific *