The Peace activists going to Venezuela. Press conference held at the United Nations


Yesterday, February 27, 2019, a press conference was held at the United Nations press room in New York to announce that leaders of the US peace movement will be going to Venezuela to speak with government and civic groups about what is really happening in that country and how we can add our voices to stop any coup attempts or moves towards war. A number of UNAC people will be on the trip, which has been organized by the US Peace Council.


Four members of the 13 person peace delegation spoke at the UN press conference including:


Ajamu Baraka , National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace

Bahman Azad, Organizational Secretary of the U.S. Peace Council

Sara Flounders, Co- Director of the International Action Center

Joe Lombardo, co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition




Besides speaking about their trip, the participants urged support for the national rally in Washington, DC on March 30 when NATO will be coming to the US Capital to celebrate their 70th anniversary.  The newest NATO partner and the first in Latin America is the country of Colombia, which has been acting as a US proxy in the region to intervene into the affairs of Venezuela.  Information on the March 30 action can be found here:


If you would like to help finance the trip to Venezuela, please make a donation to the United National Antiwar Coalition here:  All money that is donated to UNAC between now and March 9th, when the delegation leaves for Venezuela, will go to support the delegation.


Click here to see the entire press conference.