Actions Against US intervention in Ukraine

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Teach-in on Ukraine

Friday, May 23, 6:30 – 8:00, Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee, 606 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

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Los Angeles

Picket CNN Los Angeles

Wed. May 14 at 5 PM

For more information: 323-498-0973 or


Rally at Window on the Bay, Del Monte Ave. & Camino El Estero, Monterey, CA

Tuesday, May 13 at 4 PM

For More information: 831-899-7322 or

Called by: US Hands off Ukraine & Russia,  supported by, Monterey Peace & Justice Center

San Francisco

San Francisco Labor Council passed a resolution on Ukraine on 5/12/14.

The resolution can be seen here:


Santa Cruz

Rally in support of the people of Ukraine and against the US sponsored fascist Junta in Kiev

Wed., May 14, 2 PM in front of Cooper House, 110 Cooper. in downtown Santa Cruz, followed by leafleting.

For more information: 831-334-8615,



West Hartford

Educational forum: What’s Driving the new “Cold War” in the Ukraine?

Monday, June 9, 7:30 pm, Quaker Meeting House, 144 S. Quaker Lane, West Hartford, CT

Speakers: Bahman Azad, Chair, Veterans for Peace Iran Working group and Organization Secretary of the U.S. Pease Council

                        Co-chair of the Iran Pledge of Resistance, and an NGO representative of the World Peace Council at the UN

                 Joe Lombardo: Co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), Delegate to Troy Area Labor

                        Council, member CSEA local 999

                Ina Staklo, Connecticut ANSWER Coalition

Cosponsored by the Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice, Greater New Haven Peace Council, Connecticut ANSWER Coalition

For more information: call Chris G at 860-478-5300 or Yusuf at 203-562-2096




Teach-in on US Intervention in Ukraine

, Thursday, May 22, 7 PM at the 8th Day Center for Justice,  205 West Monroe, 5th floor

Speakers: Rick Rozoff, manager of the Stop NATO website, Carl Rosen President of the Western Regiou of the United Electrical Workers union (UE), Marina DudaNova, a local activist who lived through a war in her homeland of Transnistria, in 1992

Sponsors, 8th Day Center for Justice, American Party of Labor, Anti-War Committee – Chicago, Chicago Area Peace Action, Stop NATO, Students for a Democratic society – College of DuPage, Workers World Party

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Teach-in, Thursday, May 15, 4 PM at Knox College, Gal;esburg, Il

For more information: 815-520-7697 or




Vigil, every Saturday at noon

Called by NW Indiana Veterans for Peace

For more information: 219-838-080, 219-306-2597 or




Emergency anti-war Rally Against US Intervention in the Ukraine

Saturday, May 17, 1 PM

For more information, 617-792-8136 or



Crisis in the Ukraine: Cold War? Civil War? Roots of the Conflict

Wed., May 28, 7 PM, 1st Parish U-U Church, 3 Church St., Harvard Sq., Cambridge, NA

Speakers: Mark Solomon, Porf. Of history(emeritus), Simmons College, Gary Leupp, Prof. of history, Tufts Univ.,

For more information: 617-383-4857 or



Tuesday, May 13,  Senator McGovern’s Office, 1:30 PM, 94 Pleasant St, Northampton

For more information: 413-863-4912



Saturday, May 17th, 11 – noon, corner of Main & King St.

For more information: 413-923-2984 or





Saturday, May 17, 1 PM, Hawatha and Lake Street, Minneapolis

For more information: Minneapolis Peace Action Coalition, 612-522-1861 or 612-827-5364




Protest Odessa massacre

May 7, 5 – 6 PM, at Federal Building

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New York State 


Monday, May 19, 5 – 6 PM at the Four Corners in Delmar (intersection of Kenwood and Delaware Aves.)

No US intervention in Ukraine,

For more information: 518-466-1192 or


Forum on Ukraine

Thursday, May 22, 7 PM, at the Bethlehem Town Hall, 445 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY

Speakers: Andor Skotnes, Prof. of History and Chair, Department of History & Society, The Sage Colleges;  Joe Lombardo, Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace and United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC).

For more information: 518-466-1192 or



Protest against media lies on Ukraine

Monday, May 19, 5 PM at Buffalo News, Washington St., Buffalo, NY

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Long Island City

Fascism in Ukraine and US US war threats

There will be a number of speakers including UNAC organizer Heather Cottin

May 20th, LaGuardia Community College Bldg E, room 242,

For more information: 516-551-7865 or



New York City

What’s Driving the New Cold War,  a teach-in

May 10, 3 PM, riverside Church, Tower Room, 490 riverside Dr., New York, NY

Speakers include: Ramsey Clark, Glen Ford, Ray McGovern, Larry Holmes, Sara flounders, Joe Lombardo and others

Sponsored by the International Action Center

For more information: 212-633-6646 or


New York City

Teach-in Ukraine and the ‘New Cold War’

Saturday, May 17, 11AM – 1PM, Washington Square Park, NYC

For more information: 212-633-6646 or


New York City

Memorial Day Rally: Stop US March to War! End Threats on Russia, Venezuela, Syria!

United New York City rally & March.  March on CNN

Monday, May 26, (memorial day holiday), 1 PM, gather at 42nd St & 7th Ave, NYC

     Attend a planning meeting on Tue. May 20, at 7 PM, 147 W 24th St, 2nd fl, NYC 10011

For more information: 212-633-6646 or


Schenectady, NY

Friday, May 9, Vigil at Jay & Liberty, Schenectady, NY at 1 PM

For more information: 518-861-5627 or




Friday,l  May 9th, from noon to 1 PM, Terry Schrunk Plaza, Portland

Sponsored by: Oregonians Against the Wars and Individuals for Justice of Portland;.




U.S. Hands off Ukraine

Friday, May 9, rally and picket, 15th & Market St. at 4:30 PM

Sponsored by Philly Against War

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Stand for Peace in Ukraine & Against US Intervention

Saturday, May 10 at noon, Corner of Teutonia and Capital, Milwaukee

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US Hands off Ukraine!  No Imperialist Intervention!

Saturday, May 24, 2014, Robson St. at Howe St., Downtown Vancouver

For more information: 604-526-4848 or



Public Forum

Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 7 PM at Joe’s Café, 150 Commercial Dr. at Williams St, Vancouver

Speakers: Ali Yerevani – Social Justice organizer, political editor and analyst

For more information: 604-526-4848 or



Europe has been demonstrating against the rising threat of fascism in Ukraine.  After the UNAC call was sent out, we learned of demonstration in European countries including: Italy, Spain, Denmark (the Danish group that organized the demonstration is a signer of the UNAC call to action), Finland, Sweden.  Additionally the Stop the War coalition in Britain has issued a strong statement against the planned joint military maneuvers in Ukraine of the U.S., British and Ukrainian troop. In Italy, a coalition of 50 groups has issued a call to action and has held a demonstration and has plans for several more in a number of different Italian cities.  Additionally, there have been demonstrations in Moscow.